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Each of our prelims is freshly prepared every year and is an accurate reflection of the national exam in both content and appearance. They are written by teachers who have set, and proof-read as well as marked, assessed and graded appointed markers, and have adjudicated appeals.

The drafts are then shredded, discussed at length and refined in a group setting.

The balance between knowledge and problem solving adheres strictly to SQA guidelines as does the inclusion of "harder questions".  The comprehensive marking instructions closely reflect the standards required of SQA markers.

By sitting our prelim, candidates gain, with the support of their teacher:
  • experience of the nature, content and timing of the national exam
  • accurate feedback of their progress
  • indication of areas of possible weakness that can be remedied
  • confidence in their ability to tackle the national exam, and the opportunity to tailor their preparation to suit their individual needs
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