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Glossary and Summaries
These are provided as worksheets reviewing the mandatory knowledge required by the SQA specification for the course.  Examples of each format are shown below (but not if you are on your mobile - they wouldn't fit!)

Cell Biology
Cell structure

The basic units of living things are called ________________ .  
All cells contain certain structures. The cell ________________ is selectively-permeable and so controls what enters and leaves a cell. The cytoplasm is where most cellular reactions occur and ____________ are the site of protein synthesis.
The cell _____________  provides shape and support for bacterial, __________ and plant cells. Plant cell walls are made from __________ whilst cell walls of bacteria and fungi are made of a different material.
Mitochondria are the site of aerobic ________________ in all cells except ________________. Plant cells contain structures called ________________ which make food by photosynthesis.
The ________________ controls all the cell activities in all cells except bacteria. Bacteria have a single circular ________________ . Only bacteria have ________________ and these transfer genes from one bacterium to another.
A ________________ is a coloured chemical used to make some parts of a cell more visible under a microscope.
The unit used to measure cells is the micro metre (µm).  One millimetre (mm) is equivalent to ________________ µm
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