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We will use this page to keep you posted about news from Dart.  It will be updated often and users may find it useful to visit this page regularly.
We have now sent out all Prelims.
If you have not received your order, then get in touch and we will sort it out.  New orders will be emailed as soon as the order is received.
Thanks to our observant colleagues who have pointed out a few errors in the marking instructions for the Higher Biology prelim 2019
Higher Biology - Paper 2
Q2 Answers should be (a), (b)(i), (b)(ii) and not (a), (b) and (c) as we had it
Q3 (b) ii Carries a specific amino acid to the ribosome 1 mark  
Q7 (c)  875 000
Q7 (e) The fish with favourable alleles / genetic sequences survive different environment / conditions / food / predators / selection pressures / other appropriate (on either side of isthmus).    1 mark
11 (d) 32
There was also a slip in m/c q 17 where reptile appears as "retile" in one of the incorrect options.
If you would like a new copy of the file with all these corrected then just contact us and we will email one straight away.
Higher Human Biology
Mark scheme. Q17(f)  3rd line should read "Increases to 100 mg/cm3 at 240 minutes / 180 minutes from start / 90 minutes later"
Q12 (b) Should read "Structure Z produces progesterone" and not structure R which doesn't exist.
As always, if you would like a corrected copy of the file then just contact us and we will email one straight away.
Advanced Higher
Bower birds Q5(b)(i) or supp Q1(b)(i). Should read "calculate the average..." - otherwise it could be interpreted as asking for the total. Could reasonably accept 60 or 3.
Important information - Please scroll down to read
"Synapse" is a splendid social medium which keeps teachers far better informed and in touch with colleagues than was ever possible until quite recently.

We were happy to see a few posts praising our work in general and one package in particular.

We were much less pleased to see that the recommending teacher was offering to email copies of the package to anyone who cared to ask for one.

This is quite blatant criminal behaviour, involving not only theft of school property, but also flagrant breach of copyright law.  We have consulted a judge and two solicitors, (in the form of my brother, my sister-in-law and my son). They all agreed that the criminal law part of the case would be certain to result in conviction, since the evidence is clear and in a form accepted by the courts. Since the lady in question was in a temporary post in a Stirling school, they also speculated about future employment prospects of a teacher in our quite well staffed subject area, with a criminal record for dishonesty.  It would also be investigated as a breach in the conditions for registration with the GTC.

We have, as yet, not involved the police, but have informed her headmaster and Stirling Council, with copies of the evidence, as well as a courteous note to Miss Tiger herself (not her real name). So far she has not chosen to reply - not even with the apology which might possibly allow the issue to be closed.

We enjoy our hobby, and take great pains to produce our work to the very best of our ability.  This takes a lot of time and effort.  Many of you will have produced materials, and will know exactly how hard it is.  

By offering the products as .PDF files we keep the price we ask much lower than buying class sets of books, and in twenty or more years, we can count the price rises on the fingers of one hand. I dread to think of the hourly rate we get for our work - certainly only a fraction of the minimum wage! Virtually all of our colleagues are happy to pay for our generous licence. However, this incident has severely dented our enthusiasm for the entire Dart project, and if colleagues choose to generate a market in illicit copies, then we will simply not be able to continue.

One suggestion might be for Heads of Department to keep the PDF files in a secure folder, since they are only needed for printing once a year.

We would beg you, our colleagues, and in many cases friends of long standing, to use your best offices to discourage the development of such a culture, and to continue what we have always believed to be a pleasant and trusting symbiosis (hopefully mutualistic) with the biology teachers of Scotland.

Rab and Tony
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