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Product News
Prelims for 2018/19 We are producing all four prelims this year - still £60 each.
National 5 will be available in early November, the others will be sent out as they become available, with the last one (probably Higher Human) around Christmas, and certainly before you return from the holidays.
SQA has introduced a change in both content and exam format for Higher Biology and Higher Human and, of course, our prelim will take account of all the deletions, insertions and translocations. Since the new exam includes the essays with the multiple choice, to make sure of a properly structured paper, we are only able to offer the version which has units 1 and 2 in the main prelim with unit 3 as a supplementary. Those of you who take things in a different order may have to cut and paste a printout to suit your needs.

Higher Human Biology Flashcards - more than 1000 facts and concepts to help your pupils consolidate and internalise all the course content. These are fully revised to include all changes in the 2018 arrangements. As always, if you have purchased the earlier version, the update will be half price.

Advanced Higher Student Notes for Unit 2 – Organisms and Evolution. These are now complete and available.  (£125 but £100 if you have already bought “Cells and Proteins”)

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