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We will use this page to keep you posted about news from Dart.  It will be updated often and users may find it useful to visit this page regularly.

New packages!

  • Flash cards covering Advanced Higher Unit 1, Cells and Proteins and Unit 2, Organisms and Evolution are now available for immediate delivery.  60 each.
  • Advanced Higher Unit 1, Cells and Proteins – Student notes. These cover the entire unit and are available for immediate delivery. 125.

Every order for prelims has now been sent out. If you have not yet received everything , then please check your email carefully.  If that does not solve the problem, then get in touch and we will sort you out pretty much there and then.

This also means that those of you who have not yet ordered can have delivery within minutes (well at most an hour or two) of ordering.

We have a couple of mistakes. Sorry, and sincere thanks to the colleagues who pointed  them out so that we could let others know about it.

Higher Biology Marking Instructions

Question 4(e)(i) - The correct answer is 4.5 and not 4 as printed (This is the same question number in whichever version  of the paper you have).

10 January 2017

Higher Human Marking Instructions

Version 1and2 then 3/4   - Multiple choice q16  answer =  B ;  q17  answer = C.

Version 2and3/4 then 1   - Multiple choice   q6  answer =  B ;  q7  =  C

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